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Soul Tree Calculator/Builder for Rift
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Rift database: abilities, achievements, artifacts, items, factions, NPCs, quests, recipes and zones
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Latest News

Rift 3.3 Hotfix #9 has also been applied (NA: 8/26/15 7:30 AM PDT - EU: 8/27/15 1:00 AM GMT) You can find the latest Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

Magelo Sync has been updated!

Rift 3.3 WAKING NIGHTMARES is live. You can find the Patch Notes in the official Rift forum.

The Database has been updated with the latest Discoveries and the Soul tree calculator is up to date. Don’t forget you can add some loot info or Npc location on the database running Magelo Sync while you play. You can also add your comments and screenshots on any page of the database. Thank you for your contributions!

Magelo Sync is up to date for Rift 3.3 and the Hotfixes #1 and #1.5.

The website is now up to date for Rift 3.2 Echoes of Madness!

We still need to add the new Return to Hammerknell raid in the database and we are still working on the update of Magelo Sync. We will keep you posted on that!

Don’t forget you can add your comments and screenshots on any page of the database. We recently fixed a bug regarding the upload of screenshot and the cropping tool, so everything is working as it should be now. Thank you for your contributions!

Finally, last but not least, you can now enjoy Magelo Tooltips on Rift forums and use the autocomplete feature (Ctrl + Space) as well! Check out this FAQ entry to better understand how to add a database link with tooltip in your post and comment. Thank you to the Trion team that make it possible.

Edit (Saturday April 25): Just a quick note to let you know Magelo Sync has been updated for Rift 3.2 Hotfix #2 (Patch Notes). The content patch 3.2 introduced quite a few changes behind the curtain which were not so trivial to handle. We have granted 7 extra days to all our premium users to compensate for the time lost.