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Inscribed Sourcestone

Sell for : No value

Inscribed Sourcestone

Bind on pickup Consumable
Planar currency used to purchase level 40+ epic quality goods from rare planar goods merchants
'Earned by defeating raid rifts and massive planar zone invasions in Stillmoor, Shimmersand, or Ember Isle.'
Item Level 1 No value
Dropped by: The Predator
Zone: Shimmersand
Drop rate: 37%
Dropped by: Mangled Exile
Zone: Shimmersand
Drop rate: 30%
Found on: Seafarer's Chest
Drop rate: 100%
Found on: Simon's Backpack
Drop rate: 42%
Merchant: Quartermaster Ootalme
Zone: Sanctum
Merchant: Senan Ladum
Zone: Meridian
Price: 15k

Quest: Teaching the Lesson (50)
Quest: Storm Powered (50)