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Infinity Stone

Sell for : No value

Infinity Stone

Used to purchase goods from the World Gear, Lycini and Hunt Rift merchants.
'Earned from Zone Events, Carnage Quests, Instant Adventure, Hunt Rifts, and defeating rare and powerful enemies.'
Item Level 1 No value
Dropped by: Chest
Zone: Duo -Queen Gambit
Zone: The Dendrome
Drop rate: 12%
Dropped by: Chest
Zone: Infernal Dawn
Drop rate: 11%
Skinned from: Jungle Wildling
Zone: The Dendrome
Drop rate: 5%
Skinned from: Blackthorn Thrall
Zone: The Dendrome
Drop rate: 2%
Quest: Onslaught: March on the Trenches (52)
Quest: He Won't Miss It (60)