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Tempest Bay

Level : 51

Zone : Cape Jule

Start : Dame Tajlora Aurentis

End : Dame Uragano

Notoriety :
+625 The Lycini

Money : 54 44

XP : 42588

Tempest Bay

Dame Tajlora Aurentis wants you to arrange transport with Captain Lok Okupilo to Tempest Bay. When you arrive speak to Queen Miela and deliver Auram for safe keeping.


Tulan is just a small colony, the Lycini have a fantastic island city we reclaimed from the Brevane known as Tempest Bay. There is a ship in port, "The Sea Lion". Talk to Captain Lok Okupilo to arrange transport. The token of esteem I have given you, your cape, is an ancient relic of Brevane. A product of their Empyrean Mechanics. In Tempest Bay Dame Uragano can teach you how to empower it.

Upon completion

Now you are bedecked in apparel fitting an Ascended. I have many other empyrean items of power that I can sell you. Each can be upgraded in a similar manner. Some of them can even be attuned to separate paths.