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Friendly Fire

Level : 56

Zone : Seratos

Start : Unknown

End : Quaria

Choose one of these rewards :
 Ring of Repentance
 Ring of Remorse
 Ring of Regret
 Ring of Restitution

Notoriety :
+400 Necropolis Caretakers

Money : 96 18

XP : 135681

Friendly Fire

Use the Cannon Activation Switch to merge with a power cannon, then destroy the offensive capabilities of Camp Talon.
  • Use a Cannon Activation Switch
  • Destroy the Munitions Dump
  • Destroy the Supply Depot
  • Kill Storm Legion Reinforcements [%Progress]/[%Total]


Storm Legion cannoneers literally become one with their weapons to rain destruction on their enemies. You must do the same to destroy Camp Talon.

Upon completion

Wow! I saw the explosions from here! You really made those Storm Legion goons regret waking up this morning! That was great – really, wow!