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Into the Trees

Level : 52

Zone : City Core

Start : Dacia Ultan

End : Salvarola

Choose one of these rewards :
 Brevanic Guard's Rifle
 Brevanic Hunter's Bow
 Brevanic Conjurer's Rod
 Brevanic Torch

Notoriety :
+735 Eternal City Survivors

Money : 88 85

XP : 116571

Into the Trees

Use the Locator Device to track down the signs of the lost expedition.
  • Find a sign of the Defiant expedition
  • Find the second journal of Vel Serris
  • Find the third journal of Vel Serris
  • Locate the Expedition Camp


The legends stated this place was supposed to be a grand, innovative city with unmatched power, but this is a ruin! And the expedition we sent is nowhere to be found... Something is very wrong here. It is time to put your hunting skills to the test, [%NAME]. Take this locator device and track down any sign you can of our lost people. They must be found, and soon!

Upon completion

Welcome, my friend, welcome. It is good to see an ally in this savage place. My name is Salvarola. Perhaps I can be of some help you. I know something of the jungle and its dangers.