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Fire Control

Level : 56

Zone : Seratos

Start : Quaria

End : Unknown

Notoriety :
+400 Necropolis Caretakers

Money : 96 18

XP : 135681

Fire Control

Locate the Access Orb in Camp Talon and use it to figure out the access code to the Storm Legion's power cannons.
  • Enter the access code to the power cannon


It's bad enough the Storm Legion set up shop on our doorstep, but they've been assembling cannons to start blowing apart our city! They use some kind of device to merge with these machines. If you can figure out the device, you could take over a cannon and destroy their camp!

Upon completion

Luckily, the power cannons have only just been assembled. Now that you have figured out the access code, you can use them against Camp Talon.