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A Deeper Sleep

Level : 59

Zone : Morban

Start : The Overseer

End : Arlan Merkur

Notoriety :
+400 Necropolis Caretakers

Money : 85 5

XP : 100009

A Deeper Sleep

Plant a bomb near a Nexus Crystal in the Shapers Citadel, then use the Soothing Stone on nearby Shapers to keep them unconscious until the explosion.


Crucia and Regulos would use the Infinity Gate to win the war, but it can only be powered by the Nexus Key, which amplifies magic. The Shapers store its power in crystals from which they draw strength while entranced. Destroying these crystals could kill many Shapers, but you will need to use a Soothing Stone to keep them asleep while the bomb charges.

Upon completion

I'm glad you were able to keep those Shapers subdued until the bomb went off. Those were some of their stronger ghouls, which means they'll be less likely to fend off our attack. If everything goes well, we'll end the Shaper threat forever.