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The Great Hunt

Level : 60

Zone : Tempest Bay

Start : Korvin Anders

End : Korvin Anders

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Infinity Stone

Notoriety :
+875 Torvan Hunters

Money : No value

XP : 0

The Great Hunt

Torvan Scout wants you to collect Planarch's Power Sources from Planarchs within Great Hunt rifts.


We must prove to Torva that the hunt goes on, that the Torvan Hunters will continue her legacy until she returns. Until that day, you and the Torvan Hunters are all that stands between Telara and the Planarchs. As their power continues to grow, it is our duty to rip them from the Planes, slay them, and take their power. We must prevail.

Upon completion

You have done well, hunter. One day all the Planarchs will be dead and their armies left leaderless, but until then the hunt must go on.