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The Race Around the Carnival Grounds

Level : 1

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Charles

End : Charles

Repeatable : Always
 Prize Ticket

Money : No value

XP : 0

The Race Around the Carnival Grounds

Charles has challenged you to a timed race around the Carnival Grounds. Borrow one of the available mounts and follow the course, be sure to hit each checkpoint along the way.
  • Choose your mount by talking to one of the Stabled Mounts
  • Pass the First Checkpoint
  • Pass the Second Checkpoint
  • Pass the Third Checkpoint
  • Pass the Fourth Checkpoint
  • Pass the Fifth Checkpoint
  • Pass the Sixth Checkpoint
  • Pass the Seventh Checkpoint
  • Pass the Eighth Checkpoint
  • Cross the Finish Line


Welcome, welcome! I have the finest steeds in Telara! For the price of admission you can choose one to ride in the upcoming race. As an aside, I will of course take an eighty percent commission on the bets being placed on the race. It's only fair!

Upon completion

Well raced, Ascended! I would have set up more obstacles if I had known how well you could ride a mount.