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The Whites of Their Eyes

Level : 50

Zone : Caduceus Rise

Repeatable : Always
Notoriety :
+250 The Farclan
+250 Kelari Expedition

Money : 50 40

XP : 0

The Whites of Their Eyes

Prepare an ambush for the Black Spit Boys and kill 3 .
  • Use Splatter Bombs to set a trap within the ambush area
  • Kill Black Spit Haulers


The Black Spit manifest details gold shipments the pirates have been delivering to Caduceus Rise. This gold is infused with the will of Laethys and the Golden Maw seeks to use it to revive their dragon god. According to the manifest, the next shipment of cursed gold will be passing by any minute.

Upon completion

According to the Black Spit manifests, you have delayed the gathering of Laethys' gold, but have not crippled it. There is still much to do before you can stop the Golden Maw from resurrecting their god.