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The Purging of Gloamwood Pines

Level : 24

Zone : Gloamwood

Repeatable : Always
Money : No value

XP : 0

The Purging of Gloamwood Pines

Purge Gloamwood of the Hag's Creations
  • Defeat monsters in Gloamwood Pines [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Destroy Foci in Gloamwood Pines [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Defeat Krisoth Dragomir [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Defeat the Hag's Creations [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Remaining Inquisitor's Focus: [%INVERSEPROGRESS]


Dark magic has been unleashed upon Gloamwood Pines. As the gloam draws nearer only the might of the Ascended can help save these lands.

Upon completion

The Guardians are victorious!