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One Man's Junk

Level : 32

Zone : Scarwood Reach

Start : Ralyn Laurel

End : Pavel Apostol

Notoriety :
+400 Iron Claw Trappers

Money : 14 12

XP : 3240

One Man's Junk

Ralyn Laurel wants you to travel northwest from Auld Warden to collect Drake Resin from the Drake Piles in Timar Foothill, then bring them to Pavel Apostol in The Sagespire.


My research is still woefully under-funded. The Timar Foothills are home to Darkscale Drakes, which secrete a resin to mark their territory. The Sagespire scholars have an interest in the alchemical properties of this substance, and may even send some experts to help us in exchange for a few samples.

Upon completion

Drake Resin is a rare gift. It is unexpected to find one of your qualities in our spire. As you can see, we have difficulties of our own here, but we will see if anyone can be spared to assist Ralyn.