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The Death of Life

Level : 50

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Cyril Kalmar

End : Cyril Kalmar
Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

The Death of Life

Cyril Kalmar wants you to slay Lord Greenscale and remove his heart.


The time has come. You have destroyed the forces of the Primordial Dragon and bested their cult. You have attuned yourself and received the blessings of the Vigil. You must free our world from the corruption of life itself. Take the ancient Blade of Light, which you imbued with the heart of Regulos to become the Blade of Life's Death. Now it has the power to slay a god. Use it to kill Greenscale, and then bring us this monster's heart.

Upon completion

You have done what the greatest heroes of Telara could never do before. You have bested the faer blight, slain the primordial beast, and freed the people and nations of Telara from his evil. You are truly the instrument of fate, [%NAME]. The Vigil indeed created a miracle. They created you.