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It Knows No Depths

Level : 24

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Fiona Leone

End : Fiona Leone

Choose one of these rewards :
 Ghostly Mantle
 Lost Pauldrons
 Vicious Vipers' Shoulderpads
 Titan's Spaulders

You will also receive :
 Greater Healing Tonic

Notoriety :
+300 Gloamwood Waykeepers

Money : 11 43

XP : 3360

It Knows No Depths

Fiona Leone wants you to travel west and collect Grimeskin Reaver Glands from Grimeskin siltreavers.


To create a defense against death magic, it would be useful to study its effects on creatures from the Plane of Water. Siltreaver glands are resistant to death magic, and could prove a valuable reagent in protective spells. Further tests require a concentrated sample of death energy. The bones of the dead loggers haunting the old Mathosian Mill would be saturated with this magic.

Upon completion

The risk you took getting these Grimeskin Reaver Glands and Necrotic Fragments will pay off, I promise you, [%Name]. You have a knack for this sort of work. You wouldn't want to work with me on a more permanent basis, would you? Ah well.