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A Strange Ship on the Horizon

Level : 50

Zone : Sanctum

Money : 12 60

XP : 1680

A Strange Ship on the Horizon

Investigate the strange ship that has wrecked along the shore between Freemarch and Silverwood.


ASCENDED ORDERS No. 4927 HEADQUARTERS OF THE GUARDIANS Sanctum of the Vigil, Sanctum The following will be read on the 18th of the tenth month. Should the order not be received by the 18th of the tenth month, it will be read upon receipt. Reports have come in that a strange ship has wrecked upon a small landmass and set upon by Storm Legionnaires. The situation is believed to be highly volatile and requires the expertise of an Ascended. I have chosen you to be the representative for the Guardians. Please travel to Divine Landing in Silverwood post-haste and make your way to the wrecked ship southeast of this location. Eliminate any hostile forces and make contact with the inhabitants of the ship, if you find them still alive. If they are friendly, render any aid you deem necessary. If you find them hostile, I leave it to your discretion on how best to dispose of them. Cyril Kalimar, Champion of the Guardians

Upon completion

There will be time for explanations later. Please help us fight off the Storm Legion!