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Threats of the Icy Peaks

Level : 50

End : Cardinal Esthousen

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 5040

Threats of the Icy Peaks

The members of [%GUILD_NAME] have been asked to deal with the threats to the Order of Mathos within Caer Mathos.
  • Kill Endless within Caer Mathos
  • Kill threats within Steampike Pits


The Order of Mathos has asked our assistance in clearing up Stillmoor of the Endless Court threats that lurk there. We must maintain this important alliance in the west, and so I am asking [%GUILD_NAME] to assist them in their efforts.

Upon completion

I have received word that your efforts with the Order of Mathos have been successful. Tell the members of [%GUILD_NAME] that we are grateful for their efforts.