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Lowering Their Defenses

Level : 1

End : Cardinal Radkevyev

Repeatable : Weekly (Weekly)
Money : No value

XP : 450

Lowering Their Defenses

The members of [%GUILD_NAME] have been asked to kill Defiant Guards in Shimmersand and Iron Pine Peak.
  • Kill Defiant Guards in Iron Pine Peak and Shimmersand


The heresy of the Defiants has spread across Telara like a plague. From the deserts of Shimmersand to the icy slopes of Iron Pine Peak, they offer pacts of protection from the rifts, and then tempt the populace into heresy. If we are to redeem this world then their heresy must end. Take the members of [%GUILD_NAME] and wage war upon their soldiers of the machineborn, their patrols, their invaders, and their town guards. It is the will of the Vigil.

Upon completion

The Curia thanks [%GUILD_NAME] for their righteous crusade. When the people of Telara see the false hope in their heresy they will turn to the might of the Guardians.