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Torn Asunder

Level : 49

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Kira Thanos

End : Kira Thanos

Money : 30 36

XP : 4770

Torn Asunder

Kira Thanos wants you to use Raz'ahan to shatter weakened Golden Maw Sentries who have become earth elementals at Golden Summit, southeast of Moonrise Hollow.


Do you recognize this dagger? Of course you do, [%SUB_CLASS]. How could any of us forget the instrument that nearly tore a hole in the fabric of the planes within The Flatyard? Asha has had me working tirelessly ever since you brought it to us to unlock its secrets. Now I am ready to test its power, and I can think of no one better to do so than you, [%NAME].

Upon completion

The earth magic in them was completely destroyed? That is exactly what we were hoping for, [%NAME]. The Golden Maw believe that Hazeed has brought them untold power with his planar experiments, but they are wrong. He has led them to their deaths.