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Black Hearts

Level : 27

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Start : Unknown

End : Sir Greg Armex

Notoriety :
+200 Quarry Rats

Money : 10 49

XP : 2790

Black Hearts

You've discovered a document on the corpse of one of Endless Court Wizards in Stonecrest. Perhaps Sir Greg Armex at Crimson Wash would be interested in its contents.


You've discovered a strange treatise written on a rough piece of papyrus. The dark brown ink is blotched and faded, but it seems to be some sort of alchemical formula. Perhaps Sir Greg Armex at Crimson Wash can make sense of it.

Upon completion

Hrm, what's this old Papyrus? Smells kind of - oh, some of the Endless Court's diabolical work, eh? You were right to bring this to me, [%NAME]. As distasteful as it is to even touch this foul document, I will send it to Sanctum at once for analysis. The more we know about our enemy, the better we can fight them.