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Ancestors Astray

Level : 52

Zone : Ember Isle

Start : Solya Karini

End : Solya Karini

Notoriety :
+450 The Farclan

Money : 33 85

XP : 5490

Ancestors Astray

Solya Karini wants you to investigate Fell Fields for any sign of the Farclan Ancestor Ghosts.


[%NAME], I have news on where the Wanton took the bodies of our ancestors. Farclan Ancestor Ghosts have disappeared from around the Delve, much to everyone's dismay. Remember when you saw the goblins stealing corpses from Fractured Plains? I have found out that the Wanton were taking them to Fell Fields. I know not what the Wanton have in store for our ancestors, but it cannot be good for any of us. Stop whatever foul ritual the Wanton are performing so that our ghosts may return to Farhall.

Upon completion

Thank you for freeing the souls of our ancestors. I do not know of anyone else who would have helped us take on the Wanton for a group of old dwarf ghosts. You should go and speak to our merchants, your armor looks a bit singed from your adventuring so close to lava.