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Emberdrake Assault

Level : 50

Zone : Shimmersand

End : Bahram Feris

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

Notoriety :
+600 Dragonslayer Covenant

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

Emberdrake Assault

Bahram Feris wants you to kill Maelforge Emberdrakes in Firesand Desert, west of Wyrmbane Spire.
  • Kill Maelforge Emberdrakes


We've got a serious problem on our hands, [%NAME]. Firesand Desert is crawling with Emberdrakes, summoned up from the Plane of Fire as sentinels of the Wanton. I want you to eradicate them before they can become too numerous.

Upon completion

That should take care of our drake problem. We'll keep an eye out for any further encroachment.