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Relics of the March Warden

Level : 19

Zone : Iron Tomb

Start : Eliam's Ghost

End : Shyla Starhearth

Choose one of these rewards :
 Warden's Shadow Signet
 Warden's Arcane Signet
 Warden's Martial Signet
 Warden's Holy Signet

Money : 9 26

XP : 4140

Relics of the March Warden

Collect relics from Humbart, Laric, and Derribec within the Iron Tomb.


The March Wardens were buried with items of power they used in life and are now a part of the ritual that binds them to the Endless Court. Though they still carry them, it is as if they are carrying their own leashes. We need those back as well in order to free them. Return them to Sanctum as well so that they do not fall back in the hands of the Endless Court.

Upon completion

The staff of Derribec... the targe of Laric... the horn of Humbart! These are the stuff of legend. We will keep them safe.