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With a Vengeance

Level : 29

Zone : Scarlet Gorge

Start : Astor Incantril

End : Adriana Weaver

Notoriety :
+50 Quarry Rats

Money : 7 92

XP : 1980

With a Vengeance

Astor Incantril would have you convince Adriana Weaver in the Defiant camp in Rock Ridge to help the people of Rock Ridge.


We need help against the demons, but this woman who joined us won't lift a finger against them. She'll fight cultists with great abandon, risking her own life and ours, but cares nothing for the people of Rock Ridge. Talk to Adriana Weaver. Perhaps she'll listen to an Ascended.

Upon completion

So, Incantril's having second thoughts about me, eh? What does he want? I kill cultists, which is more than his lot is doing. When my betrothed died, there was nothing left for me but vengeance. I'll have that vengeance, and damn anyone who stands in my way.