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A Deeper Planar Source

Level : 29

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

End : Nal'mora Quinim

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Plaque of the Mountaineer

Notoriety :
+300 Icewatch

Money : 11 88

XP : 2970

A Deeper Planar Source

Kill Discharged Sourcestone Spirits in Mage's Mark by using the Dousing Source-Needle on Firebrand constructs.


The sourcestone used to power the Firebrand constructs of Mage's Mark has a deeper connection to the planes than mundane planarite. Through the power of the Vigil, we can draw forth this corruption of Telara and banish it from our realm. Use the Dousing Source-Needle to draw forth these spirits and rid Telara of their presence!

Upon completion

You have completed yet another mission successfully, [%NAME]. We need more soldiers like you, unwavering in faith and clad in armor of conviction!