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Chasing the Wind

Level : 50

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

Notoriety :
+500 Icewatch

Money : 42

XP : 6720

Chasing the Wind

Use the Portal Keystone in the Crystal Depths to activate the portal and change destinations. Search the various portal destinations for some indication of Chekharoth's whereabouts.


This Portal Keystone opens gateways to far off places. There's no telling where it goes, but it seems likely Chekharoth would make use of such an artifact. Perhaps Chekharoth, or a clue to his whereabouts, is just beyond one of these portal destinations.

Upon completion

I have had most of my men out in that blasted snow searching for Chekharoth, and yet it appears he was often here under my very nose thanks to those blasted portals! And now he has slipped my grasp once more. We must put an end to this traitor, [%NAME]!