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Stolen Memories

Level : 46

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Tristen Altenny

End : Tristen Altenny

Notoriety :
+250 Order of Mathos

Money : 27 5

XP : 4500

Stolen Memories

Collect Hansen's Journal, Jayne's Spectacles, and Pekinar's Lucky Coin from the Lycanthropic Guardians in Ravenna.


My fear of the werewolves made me forget that some were once my fellows, and the debt of camaraderie I owe them. It would be a kindness to send their families mementos of these fallen Guardians, and to refrain from telling them how these soldiers met their ends.

Upon completion

Thank you for gathering these mementos of the Guardians who fell prey to lycanthropy. I will make sure their families receive these items. They never need know of the curse that doomed these brave Guardians.