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Autumn Harvest - Handy Harvester

Level : 50

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)
 Potion of Autumn Eyes
 Autumn Harvest Signet

Money : No value

XP : 0

Autumn Harvest - Handy Harvester

Find Autumncap Fungi in all Mathosia zones except Iron Pine and Stillmoor. Bring at least 5 to Brutt in Realm of the Autumn Harvest.


Atrophinius says I can't kill you while you're helping with the Autumn Harvest. Well, you'd better hope he's content with you bringing 5 Autumncap Fungi from all over Mathosia. Actually, everywhere in Mathosia that has not been completely ravaged by winter or Death. To help find them, trees and rocks are the usual places they grow, and they prefer moist areas to dry ones. If you find them, the boss says you can take a run at our treasures with some Autumn Eyes potion.

Upon completion

Atrophinius will be pleased. Maybe he was wise to keep me from killing you. Now for your reward. Trix and her kind have... borrowed things from all over Telara and the boss says you can have some of them. But to find them, you'll need to drink some Autumn Eye Potion first. Keep anything you want. And as long as you keep bringing us these plump Autumncap Fungi, I probably won't have to trample you.