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By the Ancestors

Level : 15

Zone : Meridian

Start : Enqchi Oyugun

End : Dacia Ultan

 Oaths of the Bahmi

Money : 1 58

XP : 570

By the Ancestors

Light incense for the Ancestors and then speak with Enqchi.
  • Commune at Ancestor Shrine
  • Speak with the Ancestor
  • Remind Gurtol of the Oaths


By the Ancestors, I greet you, young Bahmi... But wait, you are not truly young, are you? You are an Ascended, and your soul is much older than your body. You are like the Ancestors, defending us with your strength even after your mortal death. You should take a moment to commune with them. We Bahmi are strong because of those who came before us.

Upon completion

Enqchi says the Ancestors are very pleased with you. As they should be. You are what this world needs. You must bring honor to our new people, the tribe of the Defiants. But never forget who you are, or those who came before.