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Rightful Inheritance

Level : 40

Zone : Moonshade Highlands

Start : Captain Haghen

End : Captain Haghen

Notoriety :
+2000 The Runeguard

Money : 21

XP : 3960

Rightful Inheritance

Captain Haghen wants you to venture into Runic Descent and retrieve Stanig's Shield and Stanig's Flanged Mace so that Scotty can have them for his Runeguard Induction Ceremony.


Scotty's father, General Stanig, fought bravely in the final days before the gates of Hammerknell closed. Even after he lost his weapon and his shield he continued to hold his ground until the end. I think it is only right that his mace and shield be returned to his son, and I know where they can be found.

Upon completion

This mace and shield saw a lot of combat, and they will see more yet in the hands of Scotty Malm. He's going to be so excited when I present them to him, [%NAME].