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Level : 1

End : Legionnaire Ashurd

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Molten Gold Ingot

Money : 12

XP : 450


Legionnaire Ashurd wants you to speak with Hallam Darad about how to summon a Rescue Medic and then summon one in the field.
  • Speak with Hallam Darad in the College of Planar Studies
  • Call forth a healer with your Rescue Medic ability


It's good to see you, [%NAME]. Maybe you can help me with a small problem. We have so many willing to support the Defiants in battle any time it's needed but what we really need are medics that can help those who have become gravely wounded in battle. Go speak with Hallam Darad to learn how to call a medic forth.

Upon completion

That's just what we need to help the fallen! You've shown your allegiance to our cause.