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An Unexpected Revelation

Level : 52

Zone : Ember Isle

Start : Borrin Gammult

End : Harold Genthrop

 Spirit Infusion

Notoriety :
+450 The Farclan

Money : 33 85

XP : 0

An Unexpected Revelation

Borrin Gammult wants you to root out the Pyrkari that are lurking around Tidewell Inlet and look for any signs of the Farclan's dark secret.
  • Defeat Pyrkari
  • Call out and kill Boss


If we go making accusations against the Farclan without any tangible proof, it could spell disaster. The Messenger mentioned Tidewell Inlet. I've heard reports that the entire area is crawling with Pyrkari, so it wouldn't be the least bit suspicious to send you there to drive those abominations out. At the same time, I want you to keep an eye out for any strange activities by the Farclan.

Upon completion

So the Farclan are using the Pyrkari to create their Malgams? I knew something was wrong here! I've been watching Farhall for days now, and I've heard and smelled some awful things. The dwarves of Hammerknell nearly wiped out their own people by using evil beings as energy sources. This can't continue. To get to the bottom of this, we need to talk to Solya.