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Telloch Restoration

Level : 53

Zone : Seratos

Start : Sereborn

End : Sereborn
Notoriety :
+480 Empyreal Alliance

Money : 90 62

XP : 121348

Telloch Restoration

Sereborn of the Empyreal Alliance has asked you to use his Telloch Gem near a group of pylons in Valley of Bones. Remain between the pylons until the Gem is restored.


It's good to see a [%Race] face – any face not driven by mindless savagery. My unit came to scout a passage, but was set upon by ghouls. We were separated, and even my Anatala was lost in the skirmish. My injuries are grave, and my best hope lies in the power of this Telloch Gem. My luck holding true, the Gem is damaged. Invoking it near yon pylons may trigger a torrent of magic, which could heal the crystal; however, some of the magical barrage could be harmful.

Upon completion

I don't believe it! The Telloch Gem is wholly repaired! The Vigil must have sent you to me, for which I am truly grateful. I'd be more grateful if they hadn't allowed me to become wounded and lost in this land of death, but I'll take what I can get.