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Grave Consequences

Level : 35

End : Dulan Lighthammer

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Rune King's Seal

Money : No value

XP : 7020

Grave Consequences

Destroy the Endless Court Artifact and confront any creatures that may be guarding it. You will need the assistance of a group of Ascended to complete this quest.


We have another problem, [%NAME]. The Endless Court has seen the Abyssal forces grow with powerful creatures, and they are responding in kind. You have been helping to encourage their infighting, but we can not allow either side to get much stronger. I need you to take a small team out to destroy the focus they are using to summon their reinforcements. Kill whatever creatures they may have already brought into Telara.

Upon completion

Thank you, [%class]. I won't forget the many services you've done for me. The Endless, like the Abyssal, will no doubt try to summon more of their monstrosities. We are depending upon you to remain vigilant.