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Nexus Infusion

Level : 52

Zone : Ember Isle

Start : Darius

End : Darius

Notoriety :
+200 The Keepers

Money : 33 85

XP : 5490

Nexus Infusion

Darius wants you to break open a Planar Anomaly by attacking it, gain Planar Charge by standing next to the Planar Charge Shards, and then upgrade the defenses near Ember Watch using Nexus Infusion.
  • Attack Planar Anomalies and gain Planar Charge
  • Use Nexus Infusion to upgrade an Ember Watch Turret


We must rebuild the old defenses if we are to protect the Sourcewells. You should try rebuilding the turrets that guard our bastion to prepare yourself for the trials ahead. Simply gain Planar Charge from Planar Anomalies, then use Nexus Infusion on Ember Watch Turrets to restore and increase their effectiveness.

Upon completion

Excellent work. Nexus Infusion also allows you to heal and upgrade the Turrets, Lifesprings, and Defense Arches at each Sourcewell on the island. Only through constant vigilance will we protect the Sourcewells from planar invasions.