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Power of the Vigil

Level : 17

Zone : Silverwood

Start : Unknown

End : Jerome Drift
Choose one of these rewards :
 Palisade Bow
 Longshot Rifle
 Wand of the Invoker
 Wand of Consecration

Notoriety :
+500 Quicksilver Scholars

Money : 4 82

XP : 1890

Power of the Vigil

Kill goblins in Snarebrush Grot.
  • Event Objective Kill 12 Goblins
  • Kill Mudborne Goblins


Long ago, there were shrines to Tavril in Snarebrush Grot empowered to drive evil out of the woods. With the proliferation of goblins there, most believe them lost. Perhaps Tavril's power can now be tested once again.

Upon completion

You found the Mudborne Goblins, and Tavril's blessing gave you strength to defeat the goblins? Then there is hope! Though it may waver, the light of the Vigil may yet shine on these woods again. Thank you, [%Name]. Your works honor the gods.