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The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings

Level : 20

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Cardinal Fiach

End : Abbott Germet
Money : 10 8

XP : 4320

The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings

Cardinal Fiach wants you to complete the ritual of fae binding by destroying Cinderon and Gnarladon then acquire a tear from the Messenger of the Vigil to purify the mixture.


We shall enlist the aid of the Harmonious Crusade. They will be able to find this changeling. While they search we should prepare for its capture. Some rules are universal. Seek the colossus Gnarladon, attune yourself to the faer realm through your destruction of him. Then seek out the colossus Cinderon, the planar rival of life. Attune yourself to fire through his destruction. Then find a tear of the Messenger of the Vigil, it will bind most any faetouched creature.

Upon completion

Well done [%NAME], you have succeeded in a most difficult task. We have prepared the ritual and found the true name of our mysterious changeling. All is prepared.