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Production or Destruction!

Level : 1

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Sergeant Horran

End : Sergeant Horran
 Crystalline Rage

Money : No value

XP : 450

Production or Destruction!

Help the Guardian forces in the war against The Wanton Maw by doing world event daily quests.
  • Complete 8 War of the Wanton Maw Daily Quests


[%LORD_LADY], Telara thanks you for your continued heroism, but you're needed now more than ever. We've turned the tide of the war, we're regaining our control over Telara, but there is much fighting yet to be done. Drive those invaders from our lands. Our troops are ready to follow the Ascended into battle, [%SIR_MADAM].

Upon completion

Thank you, [%NAME]. I continue to be astounded at what you accomplish compared to an entire squad of my best.