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Tampering with the Well

Level : 40

Zone : Droughtlands

Start : Kemtok Nessain

End : Kemtok Nessain

Notoriety :
+300 Arcane Hand

Money : 21

XP : 3960

Tampering with the Well

Questions people around the Lantern Hook well to discover some evidence that Vill Dester has tampered with the town's water supply.
  • Find a witness to the well-tampering


Vill Dester is the only merchant whose shipments are getting through the kobolds without incident, and our agent caught him pouring something into the Lantern Hook well. We need more information before we can accuse him of colluding with the kobolds, however.

Upon completion

So, Karkh saw a liquid drip into the well, and it smelled like oranges? Vill Dester sells fruits and vegetables. Karkh's testimony, along with Anontok's notes, is all the evidence I need. All that's left is to confront Dester.