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Experiments in Stonefield

Level : 24

Zone : Stonefield

Repeatable : Always
Money : No value

XP : 0

Experiments in Stonefield

Banish Oacris the Awakened from Stonefield
  • Terrestrial Conduit Alpha activated
  • Terrestrial Conduit Beta activated
  • Terrestrial Conduit Gamma activated
  • Destroy Earth Beacons [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Seal Earth Rifts [%PROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Eldritch Focus Remaining: [%INVERSEPROGRESS]/[%TOTAL]
  • Defeat Oacris the Awakened


Orphiel is working on various experiments in Stonefield relating to the Plane of Earth and ancient Eth technology. Assist him in his efforts to assist the cause of the Defiants!

Upon completion

The Defiants are victorious!