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Train the Recruits

Level : 30

Zone : Iron Pine Peak

End : Master-at-Arms Ramos

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

 Void Stone

Notoriety :
+400 Icewatch

Money : 12 60

XP : 3060

Train the Recruits

Speak to an Oathbound Trainer to begin training some of the Icewatch's new recruits around the Chancel of Labors.
  • Demonstrate a more advanced Swipe attack
  • Demonstrate a more advanced Cleave attack
  • Demonstrate a more advanced Kick attack
  • Demonstrate to the recruits your Battle Cry
  • Speak to an Oathbound Trainer
  • Demonstrate a proper Combat Stance
  • Demonstrate a basic Thrust attack
  • Demonstrate how to Parry an attack


I'm short on experienced troops, [%Name]. We have more of new recruits in recently, and still most of them have never seen combat. Quite frankly, our troops are significantly outmatched by even the local bandit rabble. I know it's not the most glorious assignment, but I need a combat veteran to train some more of our greener recruits.

Upon completion

Our troops now stand a chance when they finally face battle thanks to your instruction. Thank you, Ascended.