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King for a Day

Level : 18

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Unknown

End : March Warden Denegar

Choose one of these rewards :
 Hauberk of the March
 Robes of the March
 Tunic of the March
 Breastplate of the March

Notoriety :
+1000 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 8 47

XP : 3960

King for a Day

Display March Edge before the Idol of Regulos in The Iron Fortress to summon Jakub the Iron Tyrant. Follow Jakub through the portal and kill him.


The destruction of Jakub's Altar has purified March Edge, the sword of Freemarch's Kings. Wielding this symbol before that of Jakub's new master will force a confrontation. Use March Edge before the Idol of Regulos, then kill Jakub the Iron Tyrant.

Upon completion

You have done it. You have destroyed Jakub and released Freemarch from his grasp. The people of Freemarch are forever in your debt!