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A Mountain of Secrets

Level : 50

Zone : Sanctum

Start : Tam Daggerborne

End : Alaric

Money : 21

XP : 3360

A Mountain of Secrets

Tam Daggerborne wants you to travel to Iron Pine Peak and find Cabbalist Alaric on the Abyssal Precipice.


All the dragon cults have their secrets and profane magic, but none so much as the Abyssal. Those evil mages and heretical priests are always looking for rituals, new and ancient, that will bring them greater power. I've gotten reports from the Guardians who have been making overtures to the Icewatch that the Abyssal have been encountered preparing some dread ritual upon the precipice. I sent Alaric to try to uncover the cult's activity, but signs points towards him needing more help on this.

Upon completion

Tam has never completely trusted me. He's never forgiven me for my days with the abyssal. Truth be told I've been struggling with forgiveness myself. But these members of the Abyssal here on this mountain, they are the worst of the cult. In their search for power each of them would sacrifice any and all of the souls on Telara. We must stop them.