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Scavenger Hunt

Level : 23

Zone : Gloamwood

End : Waykeeper Valin

Repeatable : Daily (Daily)

Notoriety :
+300 Gloamwood Waykeepers

Money : 7 97

XP : 2430

Scavenger Hunt

Assist the Waykeepers in Silkweb Pass by collecting Discarded Supplies from the crates scattered throughout the area and Harvested Webbing from the local spiders.


We Waykeepers are used to making the most from very little. For example, webbing from the local spiders makes a surprisingly effective bandage for more serious wounds. And while our woodscraft has prepared us to live off of the land when need be, we'll use whatever supplies we can get in our hands. I bet there are plenty of useful supplies left in the lost cargo that litters the pass. Better that we put what we can to a good cause rather than let it rot away in the woods.

Upon completion

These Discarded Supplies will do us a lot of good, [%NAME]. Please keep whatever else you found as reimbursement for your troubles.