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I Heard a Storm was Coming

Level : 14

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Ziara Altanin

End : Marius Venden

Choose one of these rewards :
 Deadcaller's Mantle
 Dark Caster's Mantle
 Graverobber's Mantle
 Spaded Pauldrons

Notoriety :
+350 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 5 65

XP : 3240

I Heard a Storm was Coming

Meditate at the Abyssal Marker near Lakeside Outpost, then find and slay Fathomlord Budlopudlul, the Abyssal leader. Once done, travel to Gramaton Station, east of Lakeside Outpost.


The cultists meditate at an Abyssal Marker to travel swiftly to their master out at sea. Use it to reach Fathomlord Budlopudlul, and end his threat for good. Once you are victorious, alert Gramaton Station, while I send word to Meridian.

Upon completion

We've been harassed by Abyssal monsters here for weeks - it's good to know you've slain Fathomlord Budlopudlul, their leader. Perhaps those beasts will go back into the deeps now that their master is dead. We have bigger fish to fry...