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Unhallowed Technology

Level : 48

Zone : Stillmoor

Start : Gharro Rezuli

End : Gharro Rezuli

Notoriety :
+250 Order of Mathos

Money : 29 24

XP : 4680

Unhallowed Technology

Gharro Rezuli in Wolfsbane wants you to collect any Eth Technologies you find in Hillcrest.


Not content with the Ethian secrets they've already stolen, the Endless Court raided one of our supply transports and took our cargo of Eth Technologies. I've had reports that the cultists are using the devices in Hillcrest - I want them back.

Upon completion

You've done well to recover the Eth Technologies for us, [%NAME]. We will use them in a far more benevolent manner than the Endless Court, I assure you.