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Great Challenges

Level : 50

Zone : Meridian

Start : Raj Tahleed

End : Raj Tahleed
Money : 12 60

XP : 1680

Great Challenges

After you leave the Ceremony of Attunement, return to Meridian to speak with Ariston Dion, then with Raj Tahleed to learn more about raiding.
  • Talk about Slivers with Ariston Dion in Meridian


That was amazing, [%NAME]! You're every bit as talented as Telara had hoped. Have you considered going on a raid? My friend, Ariston Dion, would be happy to teach you more about raids, as would I. After you leave the ceremony, you should talk with him and then with me. But for now, let's celebrate!

Upon completion

There are trials in the world of Telara that require ten or twenty Ascended to master. These raids provide a challenge for well-geared and well-coordinated individuals. Expect to strive hard to best the enemies in a raid! Aside from raid dungeons, there are raid and expert rifts. These present a considerable challenge compared to normal rifts, but their rewards are worth the effort. A raid rift can be opened from a raid tear with a raid rift lure. Planar merchants sell raid rift lures in exchange for planarite, or you may purchase a lure creator and combine it with a Corrupted or Grotesque Soul to make the lure yourself. Corrupted and Grotesque Souls drop from dungeon and raid bosses. In the same way, you can obtain or create lures for expert rifts, which require a standard-sized group of skilled Ascended to close.