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Soul Echoes

Level : 24

Zone : Gloamwood

Start : Brother Jebiah

End : Brother Jebiah

Notoriety :
+300 Gloamwood Waykeepers

Money : 8 57

XP : 2520

Soul Echoes

Brother Jebiah needs you to travel west to Millrush Pond and collect Soul Fragments from the spirits found there.


Millrush Pond is filled with angry souls trapped on this plane. When their corporeal forms are destroyed, however, they leave behind Soul Fragments - echoes of their past lives. By consecrating them, I can release the spirits into the Soulstream.

Upon completion

Taking Soul Fragments from the spirits at Millrush Pond cannot have been easy. Yet, if those tormented souls were capable of thought, they would thank you. Now, I must do my part by consecrating the Soul Fragments. The work of the righteous is never done.