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First Eth, then Mathosia

Level : 45

Zone : Droughtlands

Start : Null Aximander

End : Seriva Agorivitch

Money : 10 40

XP : 1470

First Eth, then Mathosia

Null Aximander in the Droughtlands has spoken to you of the need for heroes in Stillmoor, far to the northwest. Speak to Seriva Agorivitch in Endless Watch to learn more.


You've averted a terrible catastrophe, [%NAME], but I think there are others who could use your skills. In the land of Stillmoor, surviving heroes of Mathosia are fighting against other dragon cults. They need your help.

Upon completion

You traveled here all the way from the Droughtlands? We are fortunate, indeed. Members of my order are always glad to meet enemies of the Endless Court.