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I'm an Old Soul

Level : 6

Zone : Freemarch

Start : Sanora Rellwyn

End : Optio Fairna

Choose one of these rewards :
 Hermit's Leggings
 Hermit's Trousers
 Hermit's Breeches
 Hermit's Greaves

Notoriety :
+100 Freemarch Wardens

Money : 1 35

XP : 1200

I'm an Old Soul

One of the Endless Court cultists has been captured at the Ark of the Ascended. Interrogate him about their plans.
  • Speak with the Endless Court Captive


Now, [%NAME], we need your help securing the Ark against a threat with which you are already familiar - the minions of Regulos! The soldiers defending us managed to capture one, but he says he'll only talk to you.

Upon completion

It sounds like Alsbeth sent that cultist to be captured on purpose. This is a good sign, [%NAME]. If Alsbeth is trying to offer you a deal, it's only because she's afraid of what you might become.